Scuba.Digital 2021

Announcing Scuba.Digital 2021 + Free Tickets

2020 has been a challenging year with COVID-19 causing travel issues that have affected the diving industry throughout the world, but something positive did come out of it – Scuba.Digital. We decided to put on Scuba.Digital in March, just when the COVID-19 issue kicked off here in the UK, as we

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Show Round Up

Scuba.Digital 2020 – Save Time, Money & Our Oceans

We at Scuba.Digital have had a very long but rewarding weekend. Though the attended numbers were lower than we would have liked, those that did attend have given us glowing feedback and are looking forward to next year already. We on the other hand are looking forward to a bit of a break. It

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DAN Europe

Scuba.Digital Partners With DAN Europe

We are excited to announce a partnership with DAN Europe in delivering Scuba.Digital, the #1 Online Dive Show. Divers Alert Network Europe is an international non-profit medical and research organization dedicated to the safety and health of divers. Founded in 1983, DAN Europe exists to

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Global Underwater Explorers

Scuba.Digital Partners With Global Underwater Explorers

We are excited to announce a partnership with Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) in delivering Scuba.Digital, the #1 Online Dive Show. Global Underwater Explorers is a global network of GUE communities that places special emphasis on highly developed diver training programmes. They are designed

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Scuba.Digital Sponsors

How To Enter The Scuba.Digital Prize Draw

At every dive show there is always something to win. Otherwise it wouldn’t be a real dive show, would it? Even though Scuba.Digital 2020 is taking place online in your browser, you won’t have to miss out on fantastic prizes. There are some great sponsors of Scuba.Digital 2020, who

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Free Lifetime Tickets

Win 5x Free Lifetime Tickets For Scuba.Digital

To celebrate the official ticket sale launch for Scuba.Digital 2020, we have recently released 250 free tickets for diving enthusiasts around the world. Unfortunately, all these free tickets are now sold out. However, there is really no reason to be sad as we just launched The Big Free Lifetime

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The Dive Line

Scuba.Digital & The Dive Line Join Forces

The Dive Line team has partnered with Scuba.Digital to deliver the best (and first) Online Dive Show. Even though only launched in March 2020 as a podcast and YouTube channel, The Dive Line is experiencing rapid growth and is now one of the leading scuba diving podcasts and YouTube channels in

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Scuba Digital Launch

Launch of Scuba.Digital

We would like to introduce ourselves to those of you who haven’t heard about us yet. More than 10 years ago Jason was running a small travel agency in Swanage, UK, selling liveaboard trips. He was quite frustrated as booking hotels and flights was pretty easy and straightforward. Liveaboards,

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