Sessions – What’s On?

There are so many great places to scuba, free dive and snorkel around the world. Simply pick your favourite or browse them all. Learn what each destination has to offer, how to get there and what special offers there are to entice you back in the world after COVID-19.

We will have the following sessions: Best of British, Magic Maldives, Incredible Indonesia, Marvellous Micronesia, South Pacific Heaven, Red Sea Range, Alluring Asia, Amazing Australia, African Adventure, East Pacific, Pelagic Magic, and Mediterranean Showcase.

In addition, you can participate in the following sessions:

Photo Hub

From pelagic magic to macro heaven, you’ll find all things photo and video in our photo hub.

Oceans Drop In

Do you want to learn about our Oceans ? This is the place to be.

Liveaboard Life

All you need to know about liveaboard life. Wether its for scuba, free diving or any other water borne sport there is a liveaboard catering to it and this is the place to find out what, where and how.

Resorts Rest

When you don’t want a full time activity holiday but also want to just relax or visit local destinations, resorts around the world are waiting for you and this is where you can find out all about them and book your dream holiday.

Shiny Stuff

Ok, so we all love a bargain and a bit of new kit for our chosen sport. From snorkels to tanks, regs to fin clips, this it the place to find them.

Tech Tub

Want to take your diving to the next level? Find out what is possible and how.

Wreck Heaven

We all like a bit of wreck diving now and then and then there’s those that want to dive nothing else. Join us for a series of chats about various wrecks around the world.

Coral Class

Corals are fascinating as well as beautiful. Take some time to learn a bit more about their importance in our oceans and the projects going on around the world to help them.

Free Diving

Free diving is becoming ever more popular. Learn about the training required, where to go and practice and experience the absolute peace.

Freshwater Discovery

It’s not only our oceans that provide habitat to hundreds of thousands of marine species and plant life. Our freshwater lakes and rivers also provide fascinating places to scuba, free dive and snorkel. Learn more from some of the worlds leading adventurers in this field.

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