Scuba.Digital Partners With Global Underwater Explorers

Global Underwater Explorers

We are excited to announce a partnership with Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) in delivering Scuba.Digital, the #1 Online Dive Show.

Global Underwater Explorers is a global network of GUE communities that places special emphasis on highly developed diver training programmes. They are designed to empower divers to explore and conserve the world’s aquatic environment.

GUE is at the forefront of scuba diving education, developing many industry first training protocols with a global staff of highly knowledgeable professional instructors. As a result, they produce divers of exceptional quality and enable them to take advantage of an almost unlimited range of opportunities. These include conservation programmes, exploration projects and documentary adventures. Divers trained by GUE can be found in far-reaching global communities that offer many social and supportive opportunities in addition to a variety of unique and challenging underwater projects.

Scuba.Digital is hosted on one of the world’s best online event platforms and aims to become the World’s #1 Online Dive Show. With more than 200 exhibitors including Aggressor Adventures, WWDS, Blue O Two, Fourth Element and many more, Scuba.Digital will bring divers and dive businesses from around the globe together. A program of speakers on the main stage and in our breakout sessions, a networking area and the expo booths, there is something for every diver, free diver or snorkeller.

Jason from Scuba.Digital said: “I feel that GUE are a good fit with Scuba.Digital. They are a non-profit organization that really cares about our oceans and helps people to explore the oceans with the right training in order to conserve what we have.”

Together GUE and Scuba.Digital will be able to bring more speakers with more information not only about diving, freediving or snorkelling but also about the current situation regarding COVID-19, it’s impact on how we partake in these water sports safely and also how we travel to get to the wonderful places we want to go. When will it be safe? What protections are there? Is my money safe? Together we can help the world of divers, free divers and snorkellers get back their confidence to return to the water.

Jason said: “We believe that the partnership between Scuba.Digital and GUE will bring benefits to both our organizations but most importantly to the scuba and free-diving communities themselves. In these times, an online event means that we can get the information we need direct from the owners of the dive resorts, liveaboards or manufacturers.”

Purchase your GUE ticket to the show for just $10.

We would like to thank GUE for partnering with us!

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