Introducing A Multilingual Diving Community

Multilingual Community

The Scuba.Digital team is located in both the UK and Germany. Since our launch in the middle of this year, it has always been our goal to run not only an English-speaking diving community, but a multilingual one.

In a global world, you really should be able to interact globally with scuba divers, free divers, and snorkelers from all over the globe, regardless of which language you speak.

Scuba.Digital in German

German Community

We are therefore very pleased to announce the launch of the German language version today. Other languages will follow shortly. Just leave us a comment below telling us which language you would like us to add next.

Although at least part of our team are native German speakers, it would take a very long time to translate everything down to the last detail. We have therefore decided to use an automatic translation tool for all languages except English and then manually fine-tune these translations. We use DeepL for this, which is really excellent compared to the competition. Of course, automatic translations are not 100% correct, especially when it comes to diving-specific terms. We therefore also rely on the Scuba.Digital community to help us with the translations.

Please use the feedback tool at the bottom right of the page. You are also welcome to contact us if you want to do the translations yourself on our site.

For technical reasons, no user-generated content, such as in the activity feed, is being translated at present. If the content is published in English, it will be translated automatically. However, if it is published in another language, it will not be translated automatically. We are currently working on a solution to make this possible.

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